About Our Bundles

We recognize that hobbyists and makers are often looking for small quantities of different sizes for their projects.


We offer bundles in 9 standard colors of your choice


All prices are in USD

ABS Block Bundle-02.jpg

ABS Bundles

  • All bundle varieties are machine grade ABS.

Bundle 1.jpg
Bundle 2.jpg
Bundle 3.jpg
Bundle 4.jpg
Bundle 5-01.jpg
Bundle 6.jpg
Bundle 6-01.jpg
Bundle 8-01.jpg
Bundle 9-01.jpg
Bundle 10-01.jpg

Purchase Conditions

  • Acceptance of all orders subject to availability of product
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice; prices firm only when order accepted.

  • Prices do not include shipping and/or handling.

  • Prices do not include any duties, federal, state, provincial, or local taxes which may apply.

  • Please allow up to 3 business days to process your order.

  • Minimum order $20.


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