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What We Offer

Color is often as critical a feature to a part as its shape. Our Plasti-Block® products offer not only a wide range of colors (9 base colors), but these colors are also blended during our production processes to ensure the part looks as good internally as it does externally. By using our molding-in-color options, the complexity and other problems often associated with painting or coatings parts; including chipping, peeling, and/cracking are avoided, leading to better quality parts.


Customize Your Colors


All items listed on this website are produced using a single, standard color that will vary only slightly throughout in tint and tone. While these colors are great, you may feel like you want something more unique. For this reason, we offer a custom color service that will aim to meet whatever unique color requirements you desire. Not only do we offer the ability to choose a single alternative color to that of our 9 base colors, we can offer swirl patterns for some shapes and sizes.

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