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Molding 2020 - A Plastics Technology Event

Omachron Plastics will be contributing to Plastic Technology's Molding 2020 conference this year with a presentation from our Chief Scientist, Wayne Conrad. The event is held in Chicago, IL from March 17-19, 2020.

Wayne will be discussing "New Technology for Molding Waste Plastics" wherein he will describe our latest developments in recycling different types of waste plastic types 1-7, including but not limited to converting 100% post-consumer unsorted plastics and transforming them into new products.

While being an environmentally conscious company, we realize that the eradication of plastics from our society is likely unreasonable. With this in mind, Wayne recently explained, "The negative environmental impacts associated with the production, use, and disposal of plastics include; the emissions of greenhouse gasses including carbon dioxide, air, land and water pollutants, depletion of water and the production of marine debris in the global oceans. These environmental costs have prompted some to argue that plastics should be replaced with alternative materials, but studies have shown that paper, steel, aluminum and glass in many applications may have a higher net environmental cost than plastics."

Knowing that we have a plethora of plastic material already in existence, Wayne and our team have developed a comprehensive recycling system to combat the dire situation that we are facing worldwide. We tend to view single use plastics as throw away items as they are now no longer of use to us, but our technology allows us to take that plastic that is in its disposable form, and create sustainable products needed locally and serving specific unique demand for these products. It also creates local manufacturing jobs. Wayne describes the process, "This plastic resource can be used locally, everywhere in the world where the waste is generated, to make needed products. All it takes is equipment that has a low capital cost, is physically small, uses low amounts of energy, and employs a process that is plastic-reuse friendly. This can solve the problem of our plastic pollution."

This may sound like an unbelievable feat, but we have in fact created the technology to enable this to happen. Join Wayne and other industry experts in discussion by registering to attend the event.

To follow along with us on our journey to manufacture additional sustainable products made of recycled materials, follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog.


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