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In the marketplace, many extrusion-grade plastics exist that include internal stresses introduced during their manufacturing processes. Though these parts are suitable for fabrication projects, they tend to deform if machined; thereby resulting in poor part quality, unpredictable geometries, or even scrap parts. Omachron Plastics Inc. uses patented and patent-pending processes to injection mold parts with minimal to no internal stress. Plasti-Block® blocks, rods, and sheets are suitable for producing high quality parts using techniques such as fabrication, machining, heat gun shaping, bending, vacuum molding, and blow forming.

Better Products

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  • Low internal stress eliminates the need to anneal blocks prior to machining or before use in thermal cycling applications.

  • High-quality, long-lasting, color throughout.

  • Elimination of cracking, peeling, scratches, and chips often associated with painted parts.

  • Available with UV and other stabilizers to be more resilient to harsh environments in regards to durability, color, and sunlight resistance.

  • Lower final parts cost by eliminating painting and coating steps.

  • Less scrap by eliminating waste created during painting, coating and subsequent handling when the parts become more fragile.

  • Faster part production as no additional post-processing painting is required.



  • Minimized packaging requirements as parts are more durable and scratch resistant from a cosmetic point of view.

  • Eliminates environmental issues associated with painting or coating.

  • Recyclable as there are no toxic paints or other coatings to contaminate the plastic.

  • Low carbon footprint.

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