Our Mission

To produce plastics in an environmentally responsible manner for the betterment of the world.  


We live in a fragile state of the environment. We take seriously the growing concerns about every company’s responsibility to have manufacturing processes as close to zero waste and as emission neutral as possible.

How do we accomplish it? Simple:

Our factory foot print is small, our energy usage is small, and we regrind for re-use the plastic waste we create during the manufacturing processes. This setup enables us to strive to be as close to zero-waste facility as possible.

We also strive to produce products from up to 100% recycled plastic whenever it is appropriate.


We seek to educate, inspire and provide meaningful solutions to our partners in manufacturing so that we can change the path of manufacturing worldwide.  We do this by providing innovative solutions for energy efficient machining processes, through the use of recycled materials. We produce educational and demonstration videos to explain the processes we use and showcase the products we make.


Our Code of Ethics

1. We will always act in our customer’s best interest.

2. We will do our best to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

3. We will do our best to be environmentally neutral or positive in everything we do.

4. We will not commit to a project, if we don’t see potential success for the project.

5. We will uphold the highest standard of product for our consumers.

6. We will treat our competition with respect.

7. We will go above and beyond to make our customer’s project a success.

8. We will strive for a world where plastics can be used responsibly and sustainably.

9. We will do our best to utilize recycled plastic in our products as much as possible.



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