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Our Mission

At the Omachron® Plastics, we combine innovative technology, imagination, hard work, and a genuine concern for the future of our world to manufacture plastic products in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner by embracing the Power of Small®.

Our society is starting to understand how complex and fragile our world is. At Omachron, we believe that we have a responsibility to the world we all live in - as well as to our customers, partners, staff and shareholders.  Our manufacturing process, developed over the past twelve years, is commercially competitive, minimizes our energy, water, pollution footprint and enables us to demonstrate that a company can be socially and environmentally responsible as well as being commercially successful.  

How do we accomplish it? Simple:  

The Omachron Plastics factory is equipped with our own low capital cost, low energy use, energy efficient compact extrusion and molding systems to convert virgin, mixed waste plastics or a combination of virgin and mixed waste plastics into finished products.

Our factory footprint is small.  Our manufacturing process is closed loop as we regrind and then re-use any plastic scrap that we create during the manufacturing processes. Our process enables us to strive to be a as close to a zero-waste facility as possible.

We manufacture products using virgin plastics as well as using 96% to 100% waste plastics.  The waste plastics we source include post- consumer waste, some even recovered from beaches and oceans.


We seek to educate, inspire and provide meaningful solutions to our partners in manufacturing to change the path of manufacturing worldwide.  We provide innovative, energy efficient manufacturing process from concept inception to prototyping, tooling, and production - with a focus on using waste plastic materials whenever possible.  Our videos provide real world examples of low capital cost, quick tooling turnaround plastic product manufacturing where the process is environmentally and socially sustainable. 

Sustainability and profitability are compatible concepts!  


Our Code of Ethics

1. We will always act in the best interests of our customer and our environment.

2. We will do our best to fulfill our customer’s requirements without harming the environment.

3. We will strive to be environmentally neutral or positive in everything that we do.

4. We will only commit to a project that we believe can be a success.

5. We will only build high quality products with reuse and recycling considered in the product life cycle.

6. We will treat our competition with respect.

7. We will use waste plastics to make new products whenever possible. 

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