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Our Background

Omachron Plastics Inc. was originally established to demonstrate the commercial viability of plastic manufacturing processes by producing low stress machinable blocks and rods in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, at very affordable prices.  While it was supposed to be a temporary entity, blocks and rods became so popular that we decided to continue producing them for sale.  We originally started with ABS and HDPE plastics. We have expanded our line to include ABS sheet, and CAB.  We will continue increase our offerings to standard rods and blocks manufactured from other plastics such as Delrin, PVC, and others.

What is unique about our products vs our competition?

It is simple:


We injection mold all of our standard offered solid plastic rods and blocks, which makes all of our products machine grade ready for subtractive manufacturing. We are 3% - 90% more cost effective than any of our competitors.


How do we do what we do?

Omachron Plastics Inc. uses new patent pending, plastic extrusion & injection molding machines which are made in Canada.  Our equipment is up to 95% smaller, uses up to 95% less energy, and is up to 75% less costly than competitive machines.  In addition, our tooling costs are up to 65% less costly than conventional tooling. This gives us an advantage over off shore competitors. Our equipment is unique, and it uses a low pressure, low energy process, combined with new molding, and mold making processes.

And what about the environment?

Currently there is a lot of controversy around plastic and its environmental impact.  As a plastic manufacturing company we feel that we have to be both responsible and accountable for the environmental impact our equipment, and final products have on an already fragile climate due to issues the world has. Issues that are partially contributed to by plastic pollution. 

We treat plastic waste as a resource, and Omachron injection molding technology lets us mold 100% pre or post-consumer mixed plastics and transform them into finished goods with excellent material properties and aesthetics. The process is so effective that the output can even take the form of the product originally recycled. This is truly hardcore recycling. Due to small size of the equipment, small foot print and low energy use, all plastic recycling can be setup locally on a distributed basis, and as such create local jobs, and strengthen local economy by manufacturing goods needed locally.




How do we accomplish it for pre-consumer plastic?

Our plastic manufacturing process is very close to a zero-waste process. We regrind and re-use plastic which is not used in manufacturing, such as purged plastic, and defective parts.

We can help facilities that machine or mold plastic to adopt our technology, and transform them into zero-waste operations.


How do we accomplish it for post-consumer plastic?

We are very concerned about the environmental pollution caused by post-consumer plastic. Society faces the incredible challenge of cleaning up our world, and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Smart recycling is one of the keys areas to correct this problem.



Stock Items

We offer a broad range of affordable in-stock plastics including colored

and UV-stabilized industrial plastics for prototyping and manufacturing.

Custom Block & Rod Sizes

Including options for tooling holes or other features to make your machining more efficient in a wide range of materials, colors, and additives.



Custom Molding

To enable individuals, startups, & companies of all sizes  to take their ideas from

a prototype to production in volumes from a few dozen parts to thousands

of parts. 



Re-use, Recycle

Recycle/remold 100% post-consumer mixed plastic waste (no virgin additives required) into a number of plastic products including lumber, interlocking pavers, and furniture.

Turn(ings) YOUR Waste Into Product

We can help you become a zero

waste shop, converting your machine scrap into products.

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