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Custom Services

Do you have material you want us to test and/or mold for you?

Do you have an idea for a simple product you want to mold?

We offer custom molding services to enable individuals, startups, and all sizes of companies to take their ideas from a prototype to real production.  We specialize both in production runs of 10 parts or more, and in molding large, thick parts weighing 2 to 200 pounds.  Very few companies can mold such large heavy parts, let alone do it economically.  Our tooling costs are less than off shore suppliers.  


We injection mold parts that are hard to impossible to mold economically using conventional technologies.

1x12x24 ABS solidblocks

These blocks are injection molded from ABS.
They are machine grade solid 1" x 12" x 24".


This part is injection molded from LDPE.
The size of the part is 0.175" x 14" x 16". Molded using single cavity mold & one injection gate. 

HDPE molded from 100% regrind

This 16" diameter fitting is injection molded from 100% HDPE regrind.

Whether you are an "inventor working in your garage", a startup, or an established company, we can help you to quickly innovate and bring your products to market.  We can also help you bring products back on shore by providing you with a secure, affordable high quality supply of locally manufactured parts. 

How do we do this?  

Omachron Plastics Inc. uses new patent pending, plastic extrusion and injection molding machines which are made in Canada.

Our new equipment is up to 95% smaller, uses up to 95% less energy, and is up to 75% less costly than competitive machines.

In addition, our tooling costs are up to 65% less costly than conventional tooling.

This gives us an advantage over off-shore competitors.


Black 2"x 4" plank - injection molded 100% HDPE regrind.
Red 2"x 4" plank - injection molded virgin HDPE.
00% HDPE regrind.

We can also help you select the right plastic for your projects including developing a custom blended plastic whose physical or chemical properties are for your application.  

We can modify the following material properties:

  • Colors

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • IR and/or RF shielding

  • Flexibility

  • Rigidity

  • Lubricity

  • Impact Resistance

  • Chemical/Environmental resistance.

  • Ballistic Characteristics

  • Melting Points.


This part is injection molded from HDPE.
It is 23.5" ID,  34" tall with 1" wall thickness.
Its weight is 60 lbs.

Omachron Plastics Inc. is currently growing into a new facility and will be expanding its tooling and manufacturing capacity throughout 2022. 

We are proud of the unique technology and processes developed to create parts with minimal internal stresses. Our techniques significantly decrease creep, distortion, and deformation in products that you - as the end user - may use for machining or temperature-cycling.

Our low-cost tooling can produce prototype or short-run tooling parts up to 120” long, up to 24” wide and up to 12” thick (max. 2,000 parts). A part such as a car bumper can be produced for a total cost of $100,000, with a six to eight week lead time at a cost of less than $3/lb (plus the cost of resin)!

Testing Services

At Omachron Plastics Inc. we strive to provide only the highest quality products for our customers. We have developed precise procedures that are carefully followed during the production process. We inspect every part for dimensional tolerance, weight tolerance, color, and appearance. We sample our production for further physical QC tests using techniques, including, but not limited to, X-raying.


Omachron Plastics Inc. offers an additional paid service - tensile strength testing. We understand that for some applications you may require tolerance, the right appearance and the tensile strength. 


We can assist you in choosing custom additives to create specific product characteristics such as improved flexibility, impact resistance, or other physical and chemical properties.  This is subject to lab availability and order size.

If you have an immediate need for testing services, or “Big Parts” that you currently fabricate from plastic or other materials and think you would benefit from the reduced cost and improved consistency offered by our injection molding process, please Contact Us

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