Mixed contaminated plastics molded into new items

Omachron® Plastics eliminates plastic waste consisting of post-consumer contaminated mixed plastics by converting it into finished goods and products. This low-energy, small footprint and non-polluting process is used, for example, to make affordable, slip-resistant, water-permeable, interlocking Plasti-Block® Pavers and decking systems.

They are made of 98-100% recycled plastic and glass.

100% HDPE regrind molded for plumbing and lumber

The Omachron® molding equipment allows use up to 100% regrind in injection molding plastic parts that are identical

in appearance and mechanical properties to parts made from virgin material.  A true "no waste" process.

This has been proven to be effective in manufacturing plumbing products, hassle-free maintenance plastic wood, decking etc. They are environmentally friendly, and competitively priced by using 100% HDPE regrind.  

Mixed contaminated plastics molded into new items

Omachron® is now molding mixed contaminated plastics into strong, viable, UV stable parts using

less than 20% of the energy of conventional recycling processes and without using chemical additives.

Industrial Plastic Waste Mixture

100% of industrial plastic waste mixture was used to injection mold end product with a requirement of a 12-24 month service life before it would potentially be recycled again.  Omachron® is successfully injection molding a mixture of different plastics including PVC and Nylon contaminated with metal. The specific mixture is roughly 80-90% PVC/XLPE, 5-7% nylon 6, 0.5% copper, 1-2% craft paper, and the balance is dust/impurities.

100% PVC regrind injection molded into plumbing union

A manufacturer of PVC plumbing fittings has waste product from its molding process that is ground down.

The Omachron® molding equipment allows the manufacturer to utilize up to100% regrind to mold plastic parts identical in appearance and 99.3% as strong as parts made entirely from virgin material, even after utilizing material reground up to 10 times.

100% foamed polyethylene regrind molded into blocks

A manufacturer of foamed polyethylene products has scrap material from its machining and fabricating process that is ground into small pieces.

Omachron® transforms the waste foamed polyethylene materials back into finished blocks. These recycled blocks

are sent to the manufacturers to be used in production just like virgin parts.  A true "no waste" process.

100% HDPE machining/turning shavings and off-cuts molded into solid blocks - Zero waste facility

Omachron® uses this waste material in its entirety to mold a finished block out of 100% regrind. This material can be reground up to 10 times with little, to no difference in tensile strength.  That is hardcore recycling.

A company produced a significant amount of fine HDPE and foamed HDPE plastic waste turnings in the milling of their products using CNC mills, lathes and routers.  Omachron® transforms these HDPE waste materials into new blocks for machining. This process enables machining shops to be a zero plastic waste manufacturing facility. 


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