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Converting Plastic Waste into a Plastic Resource

This week we released a new video on the technology we have created to recycle 100% post-consumer plastic waste.

A single machine, running for one shift, five days a week, can produce 120,000 pounds of recycled material goods. These can be waste plastic shavings from CNC machining, recycled materials from your local municipality, or regrind materials.

HDPE, ABS and PVC can be recycled 10 times without significantly degrading the material properties.

Small-business entrepreneurs can make a wide range of products including building materials, buckets, dishes, durable utensils, chairs, other furniture, souvenirs, or just about anything that can be made by injection molding. The footprint for the machines is small, the energy use is low, and the cost of molds is low.

The cleanup of our world can be self-funding. Today’s plastic garbage can be tomorrow’s asset.


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