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Making the Most of Manufacturing Day

Tomorrow across the Nation there are over 2,000 events to spread the news about the incredible benefits to producing products locally and sustainable. If you’re new to manufacturing, you might ask why? Head’s up! It is Manufacturing Day this Friday, October 4th! This is an experiential education day where local manufacturers across North America will open their doors to students and community members to explore the wonderful world of making. Take a look at The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association where they keep an up to date list of workshops, summits and conferences related to North American made products.

Creators Wanted interviewed a series of individuals in different aspects of manufacturing in North America and it is incredibly encouraging to see the vast amount of lives that are touched by the products that are made here. We are in a very diverse and highly skilled profession. It is truly an exciting time to be in manufacturing!

As a plastic manufacturing company, we at Omachron Plastics Inc. feel environmentally responsible to optimize our processes to be as close to zero-waste manufacturing facility as possible. For example, our equipment is capable of manufacturing plastic products from virgin, 100% recycled mixed plastics, and everything in between. You may have seen our announcements about the latest technology that we have developed in manufacturing small scale, or “The Power Of Small®”. This technology will change the way that we look at manufacturing in North America.

We advocate for sustainable, locally distributed manufacturing by doing our part. A great example of this is our client Terfy. We were able to use our unique technical manufacturing experience to solve his design and plastic choice problem to locally produce his product. You can read about his invention and future plans here.

Bigger picture - what can we do to encourage companies to produce their product in Canada? Have you watched our “The Factory of the Future” video on YouTube yet? Not only have we created ecologically sustainable technology, we have created a practical way for small scale companies to succeed right here in North America. There are many ways that we can all make an impact on the Canadian economy.

In addition to other very important innovations we described above, we feel a particular responsibility to have a plan and the technology to fulfill this plan in regards to recycling plastic, using regrinds and recycling any mixed post-consumers plastics. We are gearing up production to manufacture useful building materials, locally sourced from our local waste plastic stream. To learn more about our incredible recycling technology and the endless possibilities for its use, watch our video.

We will be presenting Technological Breakthroughs Impacting Manufacturing in Canada on November 20th during the Economic Summit in our region. Make sure to register if you are in the area, you won’t be disappointed!


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