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Plastic - Trash Today - Treasure Tomorrow

We are well aware that there is an abundance of plastic waste piling up in our landfills, floating in our lakes, rivers, oceans, and washing up on shore. Advocates worldwide are calling for a total ban on plastics.

The reality is, the production of plastics is unlikely to cease. There are advantages to food preservation, medical supplies, and products that we use every day. With this in mind, we collectively need to find viable ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle these products.

Omachron has created the technology to recycle 100% of post consumer plastic waste into finished products. Join us while our Chief Scientist, Wayne Conrad, speaks about the ways that we can use plastic waste as a resource. We are able to turn it into a plethora of finished goods such as pavers, flooring, lumber, siding, roofing, pipe fittings, reels, containers, planters, furniture and so much more!

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