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Recycling in Durham Region

This week we had the opportunity to speak at the Clarington Board of Trade's Economic Summit to share an update about our recycling technology, along with a few of our other latest developments.

Our company was founded in Durham Region over 40 years ago, and our contributions to the region have remained strong. We have partnered with our local waste facility to produce products, using mixed plastics 3-7 that would not otherwise be economically recycled. This partnership will allow our municipality to improve their capacity, reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills, and lead the way in improving the circular economy.

One of our primary goals in our research and developments is to make technology and the products that we create affordable, and environmentally sustainable. Reducing energy output, reusing post-consumer plastic materials, and creating new ways to manufacture in our local communities are just a few ways that we have proven we can do so with our extruders. For more information on the variety of plastics we have successfully molded, take a look at our recycling page.

Our presentation at the summit on this recycling technology is available on our YouTube page. Don't forget to subscribe for regular video updates.


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