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Student 3D Printing Competition

If you haven’t heard of the website before, Instructables is a great resource for almost any DIY product, and has a wide range of categories. Think Pinterest, but without having to go to outside links for the step by step instruction.

In the month of December, they are hosting a competition for American students, both high school and post secondary to create their own 3D print and Instructable with a $500 prize!

The rules are outlined on the entry page and include presenting the instructions in the websites required format as well as a release. This competition is in partnership with Fusion 360 and designs must be made using it. This is program we use often in our own projects. For young students just getting into the world of CAD, this is a great incentive to start their own design!

While this is an American competition, we see 3d printing initiatives quite often. Not long ago a local professor at Durham College, Chris Daniels, who works in the School of Science & Engineering Technology started an initiative to print PPE face shields to aid our local hospitals. Chris was able to rally 65 students, employees and other allies to produce 6,350 shields and 32,700 ear savers for donation. An absolutely incredible feat achieved with 3D printers!

Has your community created any 3D printing challenges? Will you as a student be entering this contest? We would love to see your creations if you do! If you'd like to see more of us, follow along on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our blog.


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