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An Amazing Butterfly!

Happy Tuesday !

This week’s Alternative Tuesday segment from the Acutabove Woodworking channel features a project An Amazing Butterfly!

Amazing butterfly - fridge magnet- "Plasti-Block™"

Our Plasti-Block ABS blocks are perfect for this applications because butterflies are beautiful and colorful – something they and our ABS blocks have in common! By using our colored blocks, Ken (and everyone else!) doesn’t have to worry about fading colors or poor blends, he just has to worry about doing what he does best: create.

In making the butterfly, Ken used tools including a drill press, chisel, scroll saw, and heat gun. He also used other ‘tools’ to make this project a success; such as imagination, ingenuity, and a will to make it work. The end result of all these tools is a product that he can be proud of.

If you decide to give this a whirl, you may be interested in some of our bundles as they are the perfect starter kits with a variety of different shapes and colors. Be sure to check this channel out regularly for episodes using Plasti-Block™ plastics and get inspired by Ken’s creativity! Upcoming Plasti-Block™ Themed Episodes Melted ABS Coasters - Oct 2 ABS Finger Jointed Box - Oct 9 Christmas Tree Lights - Oct 30


The ‘Alternative Tuesday’ segment is a twist and exciting addition to the Acutabove Woodworking channel that was previously dedicated to woodworking. We are excited - along with Ken - to show the benefits of working with plastics.

Plasti-Block™ materials offer rich and vibrant colors that will not chip or fade quickly, are resistant to water and many chemicals, and enable you to build projects that are not very practical with wood or other materials.

Kennyearrings1 has many creative and inspiring ideas and will show you how to make a variety of your own personalized items such as kitchenware, keepsakes, and many more.


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