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ABS for Prototyping

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

For the average person, ABS is likely a component of your life that you don't know, or think much about. It is a part of your every day! It's in your LEGO, your steering wheel, TV converter, microwave, travel mug, even your bathroom plumbing. In the world of manufacturing, it is our go-to material!

As a research company, we use plastic for prototyping, product creation, and more. Prototyping is defined as, "the original or model on which something is based or formed." As manufacturers, prototyping is generally thought of as the first step to prove your concept or to make improvements on an already existing creation. Within the manufacturing world it is common to create prototypes out of plastic that may end up being metal components, and ABS is the perfect material to do so.

Why you ask? It is generally chosen because it has a high melt temperature, while still being able to withstand low environmental temperatures. ABS can be painted, polished, sanded, glued, is impact resistant, and easily machinable. It is ideal for electrical applications, housings, moving parts and as structural components for every day household use.

When selecting a manufacturer for your ABS it is important to keep in mind your project requirements and personal preferences. For many, made in Canada or America is important. Using materials that are created by sustainable companies is high on the list of many responsible shops. If you are like us and are environmentally conscious, it is also important to note that ABS is a sustainable plastic that can be recycled with virtually the same properties dozens of times over. Cost is likely the most concerning factor for small shops and businesses, and ABS meets the need in this department also.

So why choose Omachron Plastics as your supplier? All blocks are injection molded using our own unique proprietary color blending and molding technology, manufacturing high-quality blocks with minimal to no internal stress. As a Canadian company using this new technology, we are able to pass on the energy savings of our technology to provide you with locally made, low cost, high quality products to suit your prototyping needs.

In recent months we have recently created and perfected a 4" mold that produces ABS free of voids and imperfections! For those of you in manufacturing and prototyping, you can probably appreciate that this thickness is difficult to source.

While our blocks are recommended for machining purposes only, we have had customers use the blocks for a variety of applications including; boating accessories, decorative items, game pieces, science projects, prototyping, automotive parts, and more.

If you require recommendations for your projects needs, please feel free to reach out to us via chat, an email, or give us a call at 1-833-725-6257.

To follow along with us on our journey to create additional prototypes and plastic parts, follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog.


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