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Supporting Local Manufacturing

We have always been passionate about locally distributed manufacturing. With the current state of shipping it is becoming even more apparent that we need to rely on our local communities and goods that are produced near by.

We will all benefit by helping Canadian companies to accelerate and grow to become thriving organizations. We can do this in many ways, the easiest being by purchasing their products - products that are developed, designed, and manufactured right here in Canada. This will create significant value in our economy. On a national level, we have a huge advantage in that we have natural resources including abundant energy, a high level of education, and a world class infrastructure. Investing in manufacturing within our own country means that we are creating apprenticeships, educational opportunities and new career potential for generations to come.

The environmental impact of manufacturing locally is of great importance. In a world where we rely on products of convenience, we often fail to take into account the environmental impact of the pollution of large factories, the cost to our health due to emissions in shipping and the waste that we create with single use products. By lowering our emissions as we are distributing locally, occupying smaller factories or workshops, and being mindful of the waste that we make in production, we can truly make a responsible contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

We are able to strengthen our local currency by keeping our money inside our communities. When we manufacture in a city, we order food from the restaurant next door, we get our hair cut at the local barber, and we support our local craftsmen. By continuously staying local in our day, we spend our earnings here and are contributing to our cities, municipalities and provinces.

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