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Recycling Explained

Have your little ones ever asked about why we recycle our plastic? Plastic is an amazing material. It is used in all aspects of our daily lives from the packaging that keeps our food and medicine fresh, to the phones and computers on which we rely, to the furniture on which relax, and to the actual physical infrastructure of our world including electrical wiring, gas and oil lines, water and sewer pipes, roadways and even the buildings in which we live and work.

The biggest problem with recycling is that we need to put energy back into the material and process in several ways. Please watch a video one of our junior engineers made to help kids (and adults too) better understand the barrier to recycling.

You can also check out other videos on our YouTube channel where we explain our plastic recycling process and how we are making local manufacturing a possibility! We have developed compact, low-cost, energy-efficient equipment that can process 100% waste plastic to make a wide range of products.

Follow along as we continue to educate others about the importance of local manufacturing with recycled goods! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also subscribe to our blog.


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