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How to Melt or Reshape ABS Plastic for Repairs and for Making New Parts.

Happy Tuesday!

ABS Plastic Scrap

This week’s Alternative Tuesday segment from the Acutabove Woodworking channel Ken does some experiments.

He has been collecting the scraps of plastic left over from projects using ABS blocks and rods and wanted to see if he could reuse them by melting them into a new block. Although ABS plastic has a relatively low melting point and melts easily, care must be taken not to burn it or decompose it. Always work in a well ventilated area and wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as long sleeved cotton shirts, gloves and eye and/or face protection. Melting ABS in an oven works well, but should be done outside or in a well ventilated area.

A common and safe method of reshaping ABS plastic is to use boiling water, which reduces risks involved with accidentally overheating ABS. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit at which point ABS becomes soft and rubbery but will not burn. Heating ABS over a flame or other heat source risks heating the plastic to the point where it decomposes, releasing carcinogenic chemicals. Boiling water allows users to heat the ABS enough to make it easily shapable and moldable, but prevents the plastic from exceeding 212 degrees no matter how long it is left submersed in the boiling water. Car restorers use this method to make replacement parts for cars when parts are no longer manufactured and the only way to restore them is to work with what you’ve got. Check out how Professor Frugal uses ABS plastic to rebuild parts of the interior of his 1983 Firebird TransAm.

ABS Plastic Coasters-Plasti-Block

This week Ken created something from almost nothing by recycling scrap ABS. His coasters look really unusual and to create them, he only needed an oven and imagination.

Be sure to check this channel out regularly for episodes using our very own Plasti-Block™ plastics and get inspired by Ken’s creativeness!

Upcoming Plasti-Block™ Themed Episodes Oct 9 - Finger Jointed ABS Box Oct 30 - Christmas tree light


The ‘Alternative Tuesday’ segment is a twist and exciting addition to the Acutabove Woodworking channel that was previously dedicated to woodworking. We are excited - along with Ken - to show the benefits of working with plastics.

Plasti-Block™ materials offer rich and vibrant colors that will not chip or fade quickly, are resistant to water and many chemicals, and enable you to build projects that are not very practical with wood or other materials.

Kennyearrings1 has many creative and inspiring ideas and will show you how to make a variety of your own personalized items such as kitchenware, keepsakes, shop gadgets and many more.


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