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ABS Christmas Ornaments

It’s the end of October. The leaves are falling. There’s a chill in the air. All this can mean only one thing… Christmas is coming! For those of you that don’t want to think about Christmas until the day of (or at all!), bookmark this video and come back when the time is right. For the rest of you who want to get in the Christmas spirit sooner rather than later, this video is perfect for you.

Plasti-Block™-ABS Christmas Light Ornaments

In this episode of the weekly ‘Alternative Tuesday’ segment, Ken uses our 2” ABS rods and turns them into something to can hang on your Christmas tree. While Ken chose a lightbulb shape for his ornament, you can get creative and make ornaments with different geometries. This should be decided prior to making the template as seen at the beginning of the video.

To make his template, Ken draws the shape up on a piece of plywood and uses a scroll saw to cut it out. He then uses a lathe and chisel to first turn the rod down to size, and then to make the rod true and center before proceeding to taper the rod to suit his template. These steps require some close interaction with the lathe so we strongly recommend you listen to - and take heed of - Ken’s safety instructions throughout the video. Ken finishes the part by applying acetone to give it a nice sheen finish followed by adding an eye-bolt to act as the mounting point.

These Christmas tree bobbles would be great to give away as gifts, especially in multi-colored sets. We’ve got you sorted when it comes to Christmas colors as we supply our ABS rod in both red and blue, along with a host of other colors. Send us pictures of your finished project and we would love to post them on our site!

Now that we’ve got your mind focused firmly on Christmas, we’ll end with a festive cheer… Happy Halloween!

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