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Extruder Update

The team at the Omachron® family of companies is now commercializing forty-two years of research into "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future®“. This includes unique, plastic injection molding and extrusion, with a wide range of other manufacturing technologies including metal, ceramic, and glass.

Today, we will be discussing the general characteristics of the equipment, and only a handful of the myriad of potential products that can be cost effectively made using the Omachron Plastics Molding and Recycling Systems.

We like to refer to our compact and efficient systems as having “The Power of Small®”, as they combine a number of technical elements to enable sustainable local manufacturing, and the export of products from locally sourced, waste plastics.

Small footprint extruder

The compact 3 hp and 5 hp extrusion and extrusion/molding machines are the backbone of Omachron’s first-generation products.

Circuit board and wires for the Omachron extruder

These robust machines are modular, simple to operate, easy to maintain, and spare parts are readily available. They can operate on single phase 120V or 220V power, 50Hz or 60Hz, 20A to 100A (which is 2.4 kW to 22kW), and can even be run by small generators. They have the ability to take minimally cleaned and minimally sorted plastic waste and convert it into useful products for local consumption and/or for export. They utilize simple, robust tooling to enable cost-effective, localized production. Our current research with the machines includes new low-cost, solar-powered solutions with Omachron manufactured solar panels. Our plan is to introduce these items in late 2022.

Maintenance and upkeep are simple. For example, approximate repair and maintenance times:

-15 minutes to replace a motor;

-15 minutes to replace a VFD (variable frequency drive which controls the motor);

-15 minutes to replace a main control board; control boards are identical in all machines;

-45 minutes to replace a screw;

-60 minutes to change a barrel;

-75 minutes to replace a gearbox;

Omachron Plastics recycling lines enable cleaned and sorted plastics to be made back into pellets for use in conventional extrusion and injection molding processes. Our recycling system enables minimally sorted and cleaned, mixed-waste plastic to be converted into useful products. Plastics which are often recovered from beaches and oceans are small pieces and fragments which are very difficult and economically impractical to sort. With Omachron Plastics recycling systems, these materials can be used without the need to sort through the plastic.

Omachron Plastics recycling systems produce paving materials for water-permeable sidewalks, furniture, patios, and flooring in some types of buildings. Water-permeable paving systems maintain ground water levels and minimize flooding and erosion. This is one of many standardized production tools which Omachron plans to offer starting in 2022.

A portable locker used in change rooms

One of our up and coming products is a consumer product called “LOKR BOX™“, which is a system to enable athletes to have a "portable locker" hung onto hooks in a changing room.

The Omachron Plastics molding and recycling process can take products that have previously been molded and grind them into pieces once they have reached their end of life. They can then be remanufactured into new products at least 10 times, while maintaining at least 90% of their original strength and impact properties. This will significantly extend the useful life of plastics and divert them from landfill.

Omachron is designing and building machines with tooling to enable the manufacturing of many products which are needed in local communities throughout the world.


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