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National STEAM Day

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Happy National STEM/STEAM day to all our fellow creators!

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. In the world of research and development We can see how these fields are all interrelated, and in most cases, interdependent on each other to operate. We are in an ever changing world where technological advances are taking over almost every industry. We are automating, evolving, and improving processes through the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Girls Day at Durham College

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a projection of 8% growth in STEAM related positions. This is a large percentage, considering the projection for all occupations was 3.7%. In recent years it has been noted that there are a growing number of women entering into both STEAM based educational programs, as well as the work force though they do not make up a large percentage of the workforce. There are many organizations across North America that are making a change and providing programs for girls to foster a love for STEAM based jobs at an early age.

At our facility, we have a team that is compiled of men and women from all of these fields. We include engineers, tool and die makers, scientists, machinists, pattern makers, industrial designers, patent drafts people, and more. We work together to produce quality ABS, PC, HDPE, Delrin, CAB, and offer products like plastic wood, pavers, outside furniture, roofing, siding and many more other finished goods manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials. Our greatest accomplishment in all these products is they are molded from (as close as possible) 100% post-consumer mixed plastics that often end up in a landfill. This allows us to accomplish cleaning up the plastic waste polluting our environment, and producing sustainably manufactured products that people need.

Omachron Science Headquarters

Omachron Science Inc always considers the impact of their designs on future generations, while ensuring that they are reliable, robust, and deliver real value to our customers today so that we can all have a positive influence on our lives today and the future for our children.

Our facilities include advanced computer-modeling and rapid-prototyping equipment, state-of-the-art analytical laboratories and a series of special-purpose test rooms to support investigations in diverse fields including physics, plasma physics, mechanics, electronics, thermoplastics, materials science and agriculture. You'll find our creativity in more than six hundred issued and pending patents, ranging from pushing the boundaries of cyclonic separation to breaking molecular bonds selectively to form special compounds.

We are so proud to be part of the STEAM community and will continue to passionately do our part to contribute our fields of research and development. To keep up to date with us on our STEAM journey follow us on YouTube, Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe to our blog.


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