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Making Artwork Out Of Plastic!


Happy Tuesday!

The wonderful thing about art is it can be expressed in so many different ways. Art can be experienced by engaging any, or all, of your senses. Artistic talent is all around us, and this week we are imploring to get ‘artsy’ and make a beautiful pieces of artwork sure to draw the attention of anyone that lays eyes on. You won’t be surprised to learn that in this particular piece of art, we are using ABS plastic.

Plastics started appealing to designers back in the 1940s and 1950s, back when it was fast making its way to becoming a commodity material. It became apparent that plastic was not only useful in many household and industrial applications due to its properties, but that it could also be visually appealing – making it very attractive for designers, architects, and artists.

plastic Art

Virgin plastic sheets can be used to vacuum form creative shapes like masks or toys. Different artists and environmental groups make their contribution to the world by creating beautiful 3D statues, unusual looking fences, and walls like the Happy Happy Plastic Stadium – a huge plastic art installation in Seoul, South Korea. 3D wall art, like the BLOX and BAX exhibit by Kenny Scharf is a great example of "hope and optimism and joy”.

This week’s ‘Alternative Tuesday’ uses our ABS material in a very creative way to create an awesome multi-layered portrait. The grainy pattern visible when ABS is cut adds that special little something to your artwork that makes it unique from anything else you likely own.

Preferably, you will need:

  • ABS Blocks (any thickness, multiple colors)

  • Table Saw

  • Scroll Saw

  • MDF Board (1/8” or thinner)

  • CA Glue

  • A few other general items such as a pen, pencil, paper, tape measure, etc.

  • An artistic mindset!

Kens Drawing-Plastic Art

Before you put pen to paper, you need to think of a theme. You can use Ken’s idea of a lighthouse, or you can come up with a theme of your own. Ken starts by drawing out a template for his drawing. He then cuts thin (approx 1/16”) strips of ABS – in multiple colors – using a table saw. A scroll saw is used next to cut different shapes into the ABS strips. In Ken’s case, he cuts squiggly lines on the background strips that allows the pieces to interlock. For the foreground part of the image including a lighthouse and cabin, Ken draws the shapes onto the ABS and also cuts them out using a scroll saw. Once you’re done cutting and are happy with placement, take your MDF board and start gluing your masterpiece to it.

We think this multi-layered masterpiece will be a welcome addition to any wall, and would be a great idea for a gift as we approach the festive period. If you’re stuck and need some inspiration for a theme – just remember – inspiration can comes in the unlikeliest of places!

Be sure to check this channel out regularly for episodes using Plasti-Block™ plastics and get inspired by Ken’s creativity!

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The ‘Alternative Tuesday’ segment is a twist and exciting addition to the Acutabove Woodworking channel that was previously dedicated to woodworking. We are excited - along with Ken - to show the benefits of working with plastics.

Plasti-Block™ materials offer rich and vibrant colors that will not chip or fade quickly, are resistant to water and many chemicals, and enable you to build projects that are not very practical with wood or other materials.

Kennyearrings1 has many creative and inspiring ideas and will show you how to make a variety of your own personalized items such as kitchenware, keepsakes, and many more.

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