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Breaking the Plastics Waste Paradigm

Many CNC or manual machine shops fabricate plastic components by machining them out of solid plastic blocks. This generates plastic waste during manufacturing and creates a huge environmental problem. We decided to do something about it.

We are now able to take 100% pre or post-consumer plastic and transform it into finished goods, with excellent material properties and aesthetics. It is finally practical to divert waste from landfill into valuable product and bring jobs and hard dollars to local communities. We offer custom molding services to companies that have HDPE, ABS, PVC, PET or various mixtures of these resins.

We have tested the tensile strength of our PVC regrind and it has 99.3% of the strength of the original virgin material molded using our processes. Other testing of different shapes has the recycled parts do better than the original because of the low stress in the Omachron molded parts. For more information about our testing, visit this link.

Currently we are molding plastic lumber, tubes of different diameters and industrial flanges.

Our lumber is 2" x 4" and 6 feet long (see the picture).

We will also be offering blocks and rods manufactured from recycled plastic for sale this fall.

Give us your ideas! Together we can make a difference. We are looking for a wide range of useful products to make from diverted plastic waste.

Follow our progress!

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