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A Little About Us!

We have seen an up rise in our following lately, so we thought we'd give a little introduction for our new followers!

Plasti-Blocks belongs to the Omachron® family of companies, a passionate group of people who combine imagination, advanced research, hard work, and a genuine concern for the future of our world to develop "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future®". Omachron® is led by our Chief Scientist, Wayne Conrad, and has been around for over four decades. We have a diverse team who applies our combines scientific and engineering knowledge, practical manufacturing experience, intellectual property expertise and patents to create products, designs, and patents to better the world around us. As we grew, we created additional companies to meet the needs of different industries. To name a few that we have been developing over the years; Omachron Science; The Omachron Science Inc. team has developed hundreds of technologies resulting in hundreds of patents over the past 40 years. This research spans a wide ranging of areas from water & wastewater treatment to alternative energy to growing crops to new manufacturing methods for plastics, metals, glass and ceramics. The Omachron® technical team can help solve technical problems, develops new products and processes, and offer licensing of IP. Omachron Technologies; Omachron Technologies Inc. manufactures low-cost plastic extrusion machines, injection molding machines, and related tooling. Our equipment can economically make 10 or more parts per month and can mold large, thick parts weighing up to 200 pounds!

Our equipment is up to 95% smaller, uses up to 95% less energy, and costs up to 75% less than competitors. Our goal is to bring sustainable manufacturing back to every community. Whether you are an inventor working in you garage, a startup, or an established company, we can help you to quickly innovate and bring your products to market quickly.

Omachron Lighting; Omachron Lighting Inc. manufactures the patent pending Unity® line of LED lighting products which consist of a fixture & lens, a user replaceable power supply, and a user-replaceable, LightCard™ LED cartridge. The fixture and lens have a 50- year indoor, 20-year outdoor design life and are fully recyclable. The user-replaceable LightCard™ LED cartridge is 2 to 3 times more efficient than current LED light bulbs with 190+ lumens per watt. It easily plugs into the light fixture, just like plugging in a USB device. Unity® LED products have a similar purchase price to conventional LED products but last longer and use much less power. While we've been around over 40 years, we are only getting started! Follow along as continue to grow! You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also subscribe to our blog.


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