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Clarington Economic Summit

This November 20th The Clarington Board of Trade is hosting the first Clarington Economic Summit. The summit promises to be attended by local innovation leaders in Clarington's agricultural, energy, health management, and of course, manufacturing sectors.

It is fitting that our Chief Scientist, Wayne Conrad, will be speaking about The Power of Small® and the importance of manufacturing locally. He will be providing some insights on how our new technologies can help local manufacturers produce their goods right here in Clarington. He will be speaking to the cost reduction of both equipment and tooling costs for locally produced goods. Not only have we created ecologically sustainable technology, we have created a practical way for small scale companies to succeed right here in North America.

There are many creative and innovative people right here in our own communities who simply lack the means to produce goods, or don’t know where to start. The summit is a great place for inventors and innovators to gather together with the plans to start manufacturing locally, sustainably, and efficiently.

Register now to save your spot - you don't want to miss this presentation! We hope to see you there.


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