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National Inventors Day 2022

Today has been named National Inventor’s Day. As a company with over 40 years of experience in research and development, this is a day that we can get behind!

The Omachron group of companies is led by Chief Scientist and Inventor, Wayne Conrad. He currently holds more than 600 granted and pending patents to his name. These patents vary in fields from science and technology, to the environment. He has worked with high profile clients, such as government agencies, NASA, and SharkNinja to name a few.

In a recent video, Wayne describes how his experience with mentors helped shape the type of inventor he is. "My mentors took time when I was a very young man to teach me. I had an interest and they fueled that enthusiasm...Young people need mentor ship. I challenge you to go out and take your skills and help teach the next generation." Wayne's father Helmut was his first mentor and an outstanding example of the ripple effect that sharing knowledge brings to a community. Over his beautiful life he shared tidbits of practical and personal knowledge that changed the perspective of young minds and the functioning of our company. We were truly blessed to have him.

Wayne is well known for being passionate about manufacturing locally, environmental sustainability, and has a deep seated passion for innovation. His most recent focus has been on creating sustainable technology in the field of recycling. Omachron is at the leading edge of products and services that will allow current and future generations to live healthier, more sustainable lives, without compromising the quality of life. We do so by combining imagination, advanced research, hard work, and a genuine desire to develop a better world for us all.

One wonderful thing about Wayne is that he extends his knowledge and wisdom beyond his family. One of our staff members shared a picture of their son on career day many years ago and he dressed up as "Uncle Wayne", the inventor. They also shared that this has been their sons career plan since he could talk, directly as a result of having Wayne as a role model. The example that one person shares of what you might be can truly change the trajectory of someone life. Consider taking Wayne's challenge to select a youth to mentor.

Do you have a favorite invention, or inventor? We're pretty happy that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs were invented so we can keep you up to date on what we're up to! Check ours out and follow along as we continue to innovate in the world of plastics!


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