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Innovation and Omachron

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value.” - Jamie Notter

Throughout the pandemic we have seen individuals and companies innovating to create, alter and design new ways to manufacture. We have proudly been doing this for over 40 years in the world of research and development with a variety of projects including energy, lighting, vacuums, masks, and more.

We have seen increased interest in our extruders over the past few months as individuals and companies seek to grow to be more sustainable. We are using this blog as an opportunity to summarize some of the unique things that our extruders are capable of doing.

Omachron machines extrude, mold, cast, and form plastics and metals and enable low-cost, distributed manufacturing. These machines are a fraction of the size and cost of conventional machines, and use only a fraction of the energy of the machines that they are replacing. These machines use tooling which can be made for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional tooling.

They are able to extrude plastic and can injection-mold. Our machines that are smaller than an office desk and use an amount of power similar to a household stove. They are designed to make parts ranging from high-precision items with features smaller than a human hair, to large parts such as a car bumper. In the following video, our chief scientist, Wayne Conrad explains the outputs that some of our machines are capable of.

These machines have a wide range of applications, from small startups in a garage, to the manufacture of commercially meaningful volumes, to large part manufacturers who require as few as a dozen parts per year, to companies requiring moderate to large quantities.

The small size, lower energy use, and low-cost tooling of Omachron’s Plasti-Block™ molding process also enables distributed manufacturing, thereby reducing shipping costs and the associated logistics issues.

The Plasti-Block™ molding process allows the use of 100% recycled plastic as a feed material for making many types of new products. This enables practical local recycling of plastics, transforming plastic waste into a resource with cost effective re-use. We have tested the tensile strength of our PVC regrind and it has 99.3% of the strength of the original virgin material molded using our processes. Other testing of different shapes has the recycled parts do better than the original because of the low stress in the Omachron molded parts. For more information about our testing, visit this link. Our recycling page is filled with some of our successes in blending plastics and other materials to create new products.

The unique part about our technology is that we can reduce the upfront time and investment based on experience and understanding of manufacturing. We have a specific understanding of plastic compounds and their application to different aspects of prototyping. We rigorously test the products and adjust it to suit the end goals. We have been in the world of R&D for over 40 years and understand the implications of finding the right material so that the end product is both user-friendly and affordable. We have a series on our YouTube page that describes many more features and gives specifics on additional operating features.

We have been focusing our efforts on making masks of late, but continue to work to develop these machines for release. If you would like to be informed when we are coming closer to a release date, please fill out the form that appears when you visit us at

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