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Successfully Molding Contaminated Mixed Waste Plastic Into Finished Products

Addressing plastic waste in the environment requires dedication and long term commitment.

Over the past 15 years, Omachron has developed and continues to develop methods and equipment to recycle any and every plastic including mixed plastics often considered waste due to contamination or the high cost of sorting them, or both.

We are pleased to announce our success in injection molding another mixture of different plastics including PVC and Nylon contaminated with metal. Our experiments quickly exceeded our expectations and we can now mold plastic lumber measuring 1.5" x 3.5" x 96 inches.

We were able to process the material in our process without the need for sorting, washing, or addition of new materials to produce the product shown in the photos. The specific mixture is roughly 80-90% PVC/XLPE, 5-7% nylon 6, 0.5% copper, 1-2% craft paper, and the balance is dust/impurities.

Our process is very energy efficient, produces no new waste, and the potential to make different products from thin wall structures to solid section parts makes the process very flexible.

We are currently developing processes to incorporate up to 50% crushed glass into our products to act as a low cost filler. Our process can make very large parts weighing hundreds of pounds or more.

This short video has a short demonstration of the post-consumer plastic mix into low impact paving blocks.


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