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Plasti-Blocks™ Recycled Blocks

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

It is with great pride that we are announcing the release of our 100% post-consumer recycled plastic blocks, plus color additives. These beautiful and unique blocks are currently offered in 9 different colors; Neptune Blue, Interstellar Blue, Moss Green, Jade Green, Crimson Red, Pecan Brown, Moon Gray, River Rock Gray, and Midnight Black.

We have all heard of 100% recycled products, so what makes our blocks unique? Generally 100% post-consumer recycled products such as plastic bottles, lumber, toys, and shoes, are made of specific types of plastic like PET and HDPE. The remaining types of plastics 3-7 are much more costly, and harder to recycle. Our blocks however, are made of a combination of all plastics, without the need to sort and clean. Our ongoing research and development has allowed us to take plastic with recycling codes 1-7 and recycle them indiscriminately. We now have the ability to offer these products to you, our environmentally conscious customers, for your manufacturing needs. They are an ecologically sound alternative for machine shops and hobbyists alike.

Our blocks:

- Have a smooth outer skin that typically consists of polyethylene - Have material flowlines that are visually present on the surface - Reveal a variety of colors and textures when the surface is cut - Contain minute pieces of fiberglass and/or aluminum flakes, along with plastic particles - Are made from an assortment of materials, with a direct consequence of this ‘randomness’ being

that we cannot guarantee the exact compound properties of the block that you will receive - May contain pockets of air, though these voids typically only range from 0.005” to 0.125” in

diameter - Are not food or medical grade - May have an earthy scent to them, particularly when machined and cut through

As a plastics manufacturing company, we have always felt a personal responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint. Our technology has enabled us to use plastic regrind from our own shops, our local municipality, and from clients who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint also. We have created ecologically sustainable technology to change the face of local recycling virtually anywhere in the world. These systems are a particularly great solution - and sometimes is the only solution - for local recycling in rural areas that have no access to 3-phase power.

Our process is energy efficient, produces no new waste, and can produce parts in virtually any size with recycled materials. We have successfully manufactured products with a mixture of post-consumer PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other miscellaneous forms of plastic material. These blocks are the first stepping stones in a long road in front of us for many products manufactured from recycled plastic including low-impact paving tiles, roofing, plastic lumber, and decks to name but a few. We are also in the process of tooling up a very exciting new innovative accessory for junior hockey, lacrosse, and a few other sports. First samples will be available beginning of March. If you are interested, keep an eye on our blog articles for the announcement.

To follow along with us on our journey to manufacture additional sustainable products made of recycled materials, follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog.


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