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Waste Reduction Week

It is Waste Reduction Week in Canada! The Recycling Council of Ontario, the province in which Omachron is located, formalized this amazing event in 2001. Each year they devote a week to recycling and re purposing particular materials. The theme of each day is discussed on their site, sharing many ideas of how you can implement reduction of these items in your home, workplace, school and community. We are, of course, particularly invested in tomorrows theme, the reduction of plastic. We have been working on our technology to recycle plastic waste for almost a decade now.

As a plastics manufacturing company, we have always felt a personal responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint. Our technology has enabled us to use plastic regrind from our own shops, our local municipality, and from clients who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint also. We have created ecologically sustainable technology to change the face of local recycling virtually anywhere in the world.

To date Omachron Plastics Inc has successfully manufactured regrind with a mixture of post-consumer PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other miscellaneous forms of plastic waste material. The Omachron® molding equipment allows use up to 100% regrind in injection molding plastic parts that are identical in appearance and mechanical properties to parts made from virgin material. A true "no waste" process.

Most recently, we were able to test a custom blend of TPU for a client to produce a usable material from his shop waste. This particular material yielded a finished product with a smooth surface. Using one of our dies we were able to produce over 5 feet of product, 8" wide with an even diameter, using a very small amount of material.

When we throw away plastic products after we are done with them, we both waste the potential of recycling that valuable material and we harm the health of plants, animals, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, contaminate our aquifers, and even harm our own health.

The durable nature of plastics is why they are widely used, but this durability has become a “plague” throughout our world as carelessly discarded plastics contaminate our lands, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. In the past, people through that once plastics "visually disappeared" they had ceased to be a problem. Now we know that even once these plastics have been mechanically broken down into tiny fragments by the action of winds and waves, micro-plastics continue to be a problem. By reusing this valuable material, we are able to product new products that add value to the circular economy.

If you have waste plastic material in your facility and you would like to test to see if it can be recycled with us, send us a message at

We will be posting some of our recycled materials on our Instagram and Facebook tomorrow, Thursday, October 22. If you're not already following us there, take a look at some of our products!

Happy Waste Reduction Week all! Let us know how you've reduced your output in your home, shop, school or community!


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