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Custom Testing Services Available

Omachron Plastics Inc. offers custom testing services for manufacturing facilities who wish to transform their shops plastic waste material and turn them in to finished goods.

The custom technology created by Omachron has enabled us to use plastic regrind from shops, local municipalities, and from clientele who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. This ecologically sustainable technology has the ability to change the face of recycling virtually anywhere in the world. These systems are a viable solution - and sometimes is the only solution - for local recycling in rural areas that have no access to 3-phase power.

The process begins with customers sending in 55+ pounds of waste material, including regrind, shavings, and foam to our facility in Ontario, Canada. Our technicians then document tests with melt temperatures, injection speeds, and finally tensile strength of the finished product. These final products can be plastic lumber, blocks, reels, pavers, blocks, rods, and much more. Customers are sent pictures, reports, and if they wish the finished goods are shipped back to our customer for review. Testing fees are affordable for companies of any size.

To date Omachron Plastics Inc has successfully manufactured regrind with a mixture of post-consumer PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other miscellaneous forms of plastic waste material. The Omachron® molding equipment allows use up to 100% regrind in injection molding plastic parts that are identical in appearance and mechanical properties to parts made from virgin material. A true "no waste" process.

This has been proven to be effective in manufacturing plumbing products, plastic wood, decking, and more. Omachron® is now molding mixed contaminated plastics into strong, viable, UV stable parts using less than 20% of the energy of conventional recycling processes and without using chemical additives. 100% of industrial plastic waste mixture was used to injection mold an end product with a requirement of a 12-24 month service life before it would potentially be recycled again.

A successful product was recently made of a mixture of 80-90% PVC/XLPE, 5-7% nylon 6, 0.5% copper, 1-2% craft paper, with dust and impurities making up the remainder. The Omachron® molding equipment allows the manufacturer to utilize up to 100% regrind to mold plastic parts identical in appearance and 99.3% as strong as parts made entirely from virgin material, even after utilizing material reground up to 10 times.

Omachron® transforms these waste materials into new materials that can be machined over and over again. This process enables machining shops to become a zero plastic waste manufacturing facility.

Inquiries can be directed to It's possible for your company to join us in this movement! If you have specific needs for your regrind, give us a call at 1-833-725-6257, or contact us via an email. Not ready yet? No problem. Follow along with us as we continue to make a difference in recycling by subscribing to our blog. You can also follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.


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