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Classical Music and Plastic – a perfect combination!

Did you know that September is National Classical Music Month.

A proclamation instituting September as Classical Music Month was issued in 1994 by US President Bill Clinton.

Classical Music

Classical music has its special place in everyone’s heart no matter their popular current music preferences, no matter their age or ethnicity. Classical music has its differences depending on the time periods, each having their own characteristics. It’s very briefly outlined on the National Day Calendar website.

You might say, what is the big deal? It couldn’t be expressed any better than in the words of George Marriners Maull (Artistic Director of The Discovery Orchestra) commenting on listening to Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante: “How incredible that someone could compose abstract musical sounds – with no words and no visual images – in such a manner as to convey so much emotional power.”

When you think about classical music, you probably imagine the big brass instruments (the original heavy metal), woodwinds and stringed instruments. Like in many other industries, plastic comes to the rescue when natural materials like wood, ivory and metals become increasingly rare or expensive to manufacture. You would probably be surprised at how many of the traditional instruments that are used to play classical and obviously other music are now being made from plastics.

We also would like to introduce a few very unusual music world artists who use plastic components in their instruments:

- Martin Molin of Wintergatan is building a massive programmable music machine that uses many plastic parts, as well as wood and metal in it’s construction. Listening to an amazing track from a glorious piece of musical engineering sends me back to when I was a kid, dancing in the rain.

- Performance artists Blue Man Group play their plastic tube based instruments with an orchestra.

- The composer duo "SAGN" have composed a musical work featuring many original plastic instruments and want to promote the proper disposal of plastic waste.

If you are looking to purchase plastic ‘brass’ instruments, Woodwind & Brasswind has what you are looking for.

But if you don’t play an instrument, you can always learn how to play the kazoo.


You can even learn how from the Acutabove Woodworking channel and machine one yourself using Plasti-Block™ plastic; and with a little practice, join a kazoo orchestra!

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