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The Power of Smallᵀᴹ

HDPE restrainer injection molded from 100% regrind

This fitting is molded from 100% HDPE regrind.

What is The Power of Smallᵀᴹ ?

• Small businesses doing big projects with low amounts of capital;

• Office-desk sized machines making large parts - 100lbs and more;

• On-shore, distributed manufacturing on a national or international scale;

• Converting 100% waste plastics directly into viable finished goods - affordably and locally;

• A sustainable and economical plastic molding and extrusion technology;

This isn't our fantasy. This is our reality.

Plastics have a reputation of being very harmful to the environment. While this may be true of plastics incorrectly disposed of, a lot of plastic can, and should, be recycled. The ability to convert previously used plastics into new products on a local scale isn't commercially viability. Yet.

ABS, PP, HDPE, PVC, PC ond other plastics

We are actively working on a video series to explain how our new Omachron Plastics Inc. Molding and Extrusion Technology enables sustainable use of plastics.

You can check out our introductory clip here.

On our YouTube channel, you will also find another video series. Its purpose is to assist people with fabricating and machining plastics. For more information about that, check out our recent blog post.

Our goal is to enable like-minded people to create a community dedicated to manufacturing high-quality plastic products cost-effectively, locally, and sustainably.

We are the most environmentally friendly company in this industry. Bold statement? Sure (literally and figuratively) - but why not subscribe to our channel and decide for yourself.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and recommendations with us. We're all in this together, and this is just the start!


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