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Timber vs Plastic - A Question of Lumber

Wooden bench

Trees and lumber are an amazing natural resource. Trees can grow in as little as 25 years with the resultant lumber being very durable and an excellent choice for many applications including building frames (houses, stores, etc.), indoor and outdoor furniture (chairs, tables, etc.), and structures (playhouses, sheds, etc.).

The major issue with conventional lumber comes when it is exposed to the elements. Sun, rain, snow, and/or hail can all lead to the expedited degradation of wood while other pesky nuisances such as insects can decide to move in or just eat it for dinner. Steps to mitigate degradation caused by sunlight (e.g. through a skylight window) include regularly painting or staining – this goes a long way to reduce damage including cracking, discoloration, warpage, and knot release.

A good alternative to wood for outdoor applications such as decks, picnic tables, benches, chairs, playground equipment, docks, kitchens, fences, gazebos and durable outdoor seating is a lumber alternative made of HDPE - it can even be made from recycled milk jugs and other discarded items!

The new Omachron Plastics Inc. molding and recycling equipment uses about 90% less energy than conventional molding processes and can use 100% recycle as the raw material, making it a very environmentally-friendly solution. Furthermore, Omachron plastic lumber can be recycled many times making it a reasonable use of plastic and helps eases the currently immense pressures on our forests.

Image: HDPE Lumber

Our Omachron plastic lumber products:

• Will outlast wood by 2-3x in many outdoor applications

• Does not swell or shrink from moisture

• Does not have paint peeling

• Isn’t scared of termites

• Is totally recyclable


We’d love to hear from you as we will be building up an inventory of varying plank colors and thicknesses!

Are you interested? If so, what would be your ideal size and color and what application would you use it for? Send us an email at and we would love to talk with you about your needs.

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