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Let me make one thing perfectly clear! 2" thick Polycarbonate blocks are now h

PC 2inch Thick Clear Block

Omachron Plastics is pleased to announce that Plasti-Block™ Polycarbonate blocks are now available, rods and sheet will become available as soon as we built enough inventory.

Polycarbonate can be as clear as glass yet 10 times stronger, much lighter, shatter, chip and gouge resistant as well as being flame, fire and UV resistant. This very tough, durable, versatile plastic can easily be made into prototypes or production products because it is easy to cut, carved, sand, glue, finish, join, drill, tap, file or thermoform. It can also be injection molded into blocks or parts or it can be extruded into shapes, rods, tubes, or films.

Although Polycarbonates were first discovered in Germany in 1898 by Alfred Einhorn, it was not until the 1955 that linear polycarbonate was first commercialized in Germany as "Merlon" and later “Markrolon” and as “Lexan” in the United States. There are few very interesting articles we recommend to read about that fascinating material:

All About Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic

One of the largest pieces of Polycarbonate formed is the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter. Polycarbonates are also used for motorcycle helmets and visors, glasses, subglasses, camera lenses, glazing, candy moulds, hospital trays, food serving bowls, electrical project boxes and covers, signs, displays, and many other products.

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