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Hard core recycling

Manufacturing operations often generate some plastic waste. Companies often collect this waste and try to use it by putting a small percentage of waste in with the virgin plastic. The problem is that the rate of generating scrap exceeds the ability to reuse it. Other companies simply write it off and it is a wasted opportunity.

Plastic scrap is a huge environmental and economic problem. We decided to do something about it and here we are.

Omachron has developed a process to take 100% pre- or post-consumer plastic and transform it into finished goods with excellent material properties and aesthetics. The process is so effective that the output can even take the form of the product originally recycled. This is truly hard core recycling. It contrasts with conventional, plastic-recycling processes that require a large proportion of virgin material mixed with the recycled material.

Parts molded from 100% regrind are at least 99.3% as strong as the same geometry parts molded from virgin material.

Currently, we successfully mold 100% regrind of ABS, PVC, HDPE, foamed polyethylene. Few other plastic regrinds are under testing. Subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you posted.

Below is foamed polyethylene scrap material from machining and fabricating process. It was injection molded by Omachron into a finished blocks out of 100% regrind. These recycled blocks were sent to the manufacturer to be used in production just like virgin parts. A true "no waste" process.

Cut along the length of the part for visual inspection

To audit the quality, these blocks were cut along different planes - no air voids were found.

The blocks were also machined with through holes.

It was concluded that the quality of molded blocks is excellent.

injection molded part - 100% regrind

For more examples, visit Omachron Technologies site.

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