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What's So Cool About Manufacturing?

It’s no secret that we are passionate about locally distributed manufacturing, or that we are advocates for sustainable manufacturing, as well as promoters of the importance of job creation and training in manufacturing. Within our own organization we are raising our children to understand the importance of keeping our economy strong by producing local, buying local, and supporting our fellow entrepreneurs. 

We recently came across an amazing initiative put on by the Manufacturers Resource Centre in Pennsylvania called “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” This program takes students to manufacturing facilities to discover what truly is so unique about the different aspects of manufacturing.  It also highlights the different types of manufacturing

careers that are available to individuals throughout the industry. 

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing takes kids through facilities like Napolean Engineering in Pensyvania, where they make bearings. Yawn, right? But owner Chris Napolean explains just how cool they are. He showcases two different bearings, one that goes into a helicopter, and another that goes into a part in the International Space Station. He explains “it’s the applications they go into that bring them to life”. Other features include manufacturers of latches, benches, medical apparatuses, and so much more!

It encourages kids to think about every day items, and the processes, time and ingenuity that went into it’s creation. Manufacturing is all around us! The site has a parent portal to help navigate how children can get interested,even if the competition isn’t in their area.

What’s so cool about manufacturing at Omachron? Our process for producing 100% post consumer recycled materials is very energy efficient, produces no new waste, and the potential to make different products from thin wall structures to solid section parts makes the process very flexible. The unique part about our technology is that we can reduce the upfront time and investment based on experience and understanding of manufacturing. We have a specific understanding of plastic compounds and their application. We have been in the world of R&D for over 40 years and understand the implications of finding the right material so that the end product is both user-friendly and affordable.

While most of us will be working at home - or perhaps not working at all in the days of a global pandemic, take a moment and explore the world of manufacturing with your children at home. See how, and where their favorite toys are made.

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