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America Recycles

Monday was America Recycles Day, where annually American’s are encouraged to be more mindful about the way they recycle as well as the way they are consuming plastics. They have a wide variety of resources on their page that are applicable to most of us, even if you aren’t in America.

As a plastics manufacturing company, we have always felt a personal responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint. Our technology has enabled us to use plastic regrind from our own shops, our local municipality, and from clients who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint also. We have created ecologically sustainable technology to change the face of local recycling virtually anywhere in the world.

There are many companies that are stepping up their game when it comes to recycling. Stores like ad, Zara, Levi’s all provide bins for donation for old clothing. Some of this is reused and donated to second hand stores, some of it is used got cloths, and even insulation. Adidas takes back shoes to repurpose them into new shoes, or separate the materials for use in other post consumer products. Pepsi even started it’s own recycling program with events all over the country and an initiative to eliminate virgin plastic as a product.

As consumers there are many ways they we can assist with recycling, or reducing out carbon footprint. A few ways you can help are;

1. Take the “I Recycle” Pledge

2. Ensure your workplace has access to a recycling bin in common areas

3. Purchase products made of recycled material

4. Bring your own water bottle

5. Find a zero waste shop in your neighborhood to purchase food staples

6. Look for alternatives to single use plastics

7. Take ewaste to your local municipal dump to have it processed

8. Shop at your local thrift store for second hang goods

9. Choose items with the least amount of packaging

10. Repurpose things around your house instead of throwing them out

If you did participate in Mondays events, we would love to hear what you did to contribute! To follow along with us on our continued journey manufacturing sustainable products follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to our blog.


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